Best Picks: Kids Travel Luggage

Kids Travel Luggage: The Best Models

Travelling is one of the best experiences, especially when we do it comfortably thanks to luggage, among other things. When it comes to travelling with children, what is the best decision? Do we carry their clothes and toys with ours, or do we buy kids travel luggage for them?

In this comparison, we will talk a little about this type of luggage and its characteristics so that you can decide better.

What is Kids Travel Luggage?

Like any other suitcase on the market, one for children must provide that comfort, security and storage space to carry all the belongings of the smallest, but, at the same time, more originally and strikingly.

Unlike adults, travel luggage for children is a bit smaller and is adapted to them both inside and out. Its design can be bright colours, prints or cartoons of any nature.

It is a type of luggage that allows you to travel comfortably, since, instead of carrying the things of small and large in the same luggage, they have the opportunity to do it on their own. Thus, they develop a sense of belonging, security and travel and travel comfortably.


Buying a children’s travel suitcase with wheels is one of the best decisions you can make if you travel with the smallest in the house. Doing so can give you more advantages than you imagine. We tell you some of them:

  • Increased space and comfort for all family members, since each member can carry things in their personal and independent space.
  • Ease of handling, they are already a type of luggage specially designed for children; therefore, they are adjustable in height and are not difficult to carry from one side to another.
  • They are exceptionally light and easy to roll because they try to adapt to the body of the smallest of the house so that they do not need help to transport them.
  • They offer a high image adapted to the age because they also deserve to have a luggage that they like and with which they identify.


However, this type of luggage also has some drawbacks with your purchase:

  • Always be aware of the whereabouts of the luggage and expose yourself to having to carry it if they cannot or get tired.
  • Some are a bit expensive, especially those with very original designs or recognized brands.

The criteria for choosing a child’s travel luggage

A purchase like this cannot be made without first considering all the requirements necessary to make it correctly. So, these are the characteristics to consider:

Type of luggage

Today, there are many different types of bags, and this also includes children. You can get soft or rigid suitcases, even with or without wheels and in the form of a backpack or travel bag.

However, the most natural thing is that you choose a suitcase that makes them feel comfortable carrying it.

The best option is usually a children’s wheel suitcase or a small backpack style that does not weigh too much, and that allows them to demonstrate that they are already able to take care of their luggage.

Design and resistance

This may be the most important criteria when choosing luggage. Currently, companies that manufacture this type of luggage know that the variety is the taste.

Therefore, in their catalogues, you can find many designs from colours and prints to drawings of their favourite characters.

When you make this choice, make sure you do it right, not only considering the printed cartoon but also its resistance. If you are going to have regular use, you should get one of good quality and suitable materials, which does not deteriorate the first time your children walk the halls.

Size and capacity

Finally, size and function will not depend solely on the number of objects they need to carry, but on the amount of weight and volume, they can transport on their own.

Please choose your size based on the height of the child that will use it. Also its ability depending on its strength. Thanks to that, it will not be your turn to carry your luggage back and forth when they get tired, but it will allow them to travel like the big ones.

The best models of kids travel luggage

Now that you know the essential criteria, we present four of the best brands and models of kids travel luggage to make a choice a little easier.

3D Bubble bee Trolley Luggage

Children’s 3D Bubble bee Trolley Luggage

  • High strength aluminium rod handle with two joint extension
  • Hardshell that bounce back, dirt and waterproof
  • 2 Flashlights wheels

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3D Bubble bee Trolley Luggage is one of the first options to consider since it is the equipment for the small travellers of the house of the most original. These are travel companions that carry your children’s luggage up to 18 litres.

They have comfortable black handles so you can help them at all times and security lock so that none of their belongings is lost.

Also, they have horn hooks that allow them to direct it from one side to the other and a comfortable and ergonomic seat on the spine so that they feel or use it as a car.

They are catalogued as hand luggage by their dimensions and are made of rigid, resistant and very striking plastics.

They also bring rubber edges to protect the fingers, internal pockets to organize everything, fastening straps and a drag belt for them to carry it rolling.

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3D Ladybug scooter travel luggage.

What kid doesn’t like Ladybug scooter? What better than to make them happy with a suitcase for children with animated figures of a Ladybug.

That is what they have to offer you this luggage, which, although they can be very different in design from each other, that is what makes them great.

3D Ladybug scooter travel luggage has everything according to your needs: with wheels or without them, fixed handles, telescopic handle, pockets, zippers, locks, large compartments, fastening straps for your items and, above all, a lot of fun in Your cartoon designs.

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3D Monster Travel Trolley

  • High strength aluminium rod handle with two joint extension
  • A Hardshell that bounces back, dirt and waterproof

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What if your child’s favourite animal is a Monster? For those who are intelligent and curious, cheap children’s travel bags with monster designs have been invented.

All the bags in this line are cute, very fun and easy to carry because they have been designed exclusively for children and to be able to take their luggage without problems.

They have a removable handle, height adjustment button, multiple and organized pockets, wheels and plastic front legs for stability. Also, it has an identification tag to avoid loss or confusion and fastening straps as well as a mesh inside so that everything travels in order.

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 3D Robot travel Trolley

  • CAPPE Patent Material, Have silicone-like texture eco-friendly
  • Inner details: 210D Fabric. Front panel with net pocket. Back panel with buckles and elastic band.
  • High strength aluminium rod handle with two joint extension

It does not have to, but usually, the little ones of the house prefer more suitcases of pastel colours or characters like Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, I am Luna, Frozen, Gorjuss.

Many characters are temporary and may go out of style, but if you want a travel suitcase for a kid that lasts as long as possible and is timeless, the 3D Robot travel Trolley is a great option.

For example, this 3D Robot travel Trolley of 29cm x 23cm x 35.5cm. Made of the hard shell that bounces back, dirt and waterproof. Two double wheels multidirectional turn for a comfortable, smooth ride, and essential addition to travel insurance anywhere in the world, a built-in TSA lock.

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3D Bubble bee Scooter Travel Luggage

Scooter suitcase

  • Skoot Ride in the suitcase – the bright ride – with your stuff inside.
  • 2 in 1 retro-style ride with practical interior luggage compartment.

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The last option to choose in terms of luggage for children is one of the favourites of the little ones: scooter luggage. These are mini scooters where your belongings will travel with a lot of style and originality.

Robust, sturdy and fun is the rigid travel suitcase for scooter children. It has a retro motorcycle shape so that children three years and older can get on it while they wait. Inside, they can carry their items or toys.

It has resistant rubber wheels, handlebars, strap so you can drag the suitcase and a large compartment inside with organization system. They also have a size that makes them ideal for travelling in the cabin of the plane, as well as a comfortable and ergonomic seat so that your children do not get hurt.

3D Bubble bee Scooter Travel Luggage only £65.99 in our store


Finally, you can get it in several colours for girl or boy and allow them to always travel in style and showing that they are already large.