It’s a new school term like no other – going back to class in a pandemic has brought many changes and challenges for teachers, pupils and parents.

Is it safe to send your kids to school?

Here’s what the Guardian has to say about back to school.

New rules on face coverings; social distancing and hygiene have added extra pressure on schools and families during what is already a busy time of year.

After the first full week of the new normal, BBC News has been hearing some personal experiences from inside and outside the classroom.

‘Is that line to keep you safe from us?’

Teacher Jackie Coade has just taken charge of a class of 19 children at a Belfast primary school and says her first few days have been positive, but at times “bizarre”.

Staff are wearing masks and the school has introduced several measures to maintain social distancing, including signage on floors to show which direction to walk around her P4 classroom.

“I had one pupil point to a marking on the floor and say: ‘Is that line to keep you safe from us?’ Fancy having a child say that.”

Well, all is not lost when it comes to ‘back to school’ regime for states schools in the country. Special measures are being put in place and parents are requested to follow the guidelines.

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