Wondering what sort of activities you can do with your toddler this Valentine’s Day? We can guarantee you will love making Spin Art hearts! This mess free toddler heart craft is colourful and addictive.

Step-1: Collect all the materials. You will need coloured paper, a pair of scissors, water paints, a straw and water.

Step-2: Fold the paper into half. Choose any size. You can make as big a heart as you want. We love giant size A3 paper for a heart to share with your toddler.

Step-3. Cut half of the heart shape and open it to see a full heart.

Step-4. Drop drops of water paint on the heart and using a straw, start blowing the colour in different directions to make a pattern,

Step-5: Voila. Let us know how your toddler like it with a comment below.

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